Australian medical Sheepskins help prevent Bed Sores

Pressure sore is a condition of the skin which is also known as bed sore. We usually hear of these sores all the time but the truth is that we are not aware of the facts about these skin conditions. They are very common but we don’t have enough understanding about them. How does a person get them?

Australian researchers have found that Pressure sores can be prevented with the use of medical sheepskins used as a underlay or chair throw.

Medical Underlays come in numerous sizes and types, starting with the regular medical sheepskin comfort rug, and leading to the high temperature washable Urine resistant medical Sheepskin. these australian sheepskin can be your best friend when you are confined to a bed or chair for long periods of time.


Find the best Medical sheepskin products at, after all Australia is the home of the sheep.

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