High Temperature Medical Sheepskin Underlay – AS4480.1-1998




High Temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin – AS4480.1-1998 – These are Real Sheepskins, with leather backs, in the natural shape of a sheepskin. All are washable, and in stock.

Incredible Softness- Added Comfort – The wool length on high temp Green is approx. 25-33mm long premium-grade wool combed 8-times in multiple directions

Practical Comfort – Absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter

High Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance – Washable to 80°c / 176°f WITHOUT DETERIORATION

Excellent Durability- Hard-wearing style that will last for years and years

Uncompromising Quality – Only Australian sheepskins treated by the finest tanning process are used

Flexible – the under side of the skin is buffed up to 10 times to give a clean and soft finish.

ADDITIONALLY Our High Temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin – AS4480.1-1998 are they stamped with the standard Approval.

Lead time on these items is approx 1-2 days at present

Jumbo size is 105cm+ long

Extra Extra Large size is 105cm+ long

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions105 × 65 × 3.7 cm



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